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Cheryl Johnson Artist

Charlotte, NC

"“Kauai and Charlotte, NC based artist Cheryl Johnson, folds energetic layers of color and texture with bold and singular dynamic marks that speak to us all. Adventurous taste and unquenchable curiosity. Interested in everything beautiful. Unquenchable curiosity, and bracing confidence in her skill set."
Cheryl Johnson is a painter who explores the connection between realism and abstraction, balancing bold gestural art with sensitive expression. Resonating with Abstract Expressionists her non-objective and figurative early works transitioned into abstract representational themes. Her work is inspired by world travels as well as the landscape and cultures of her homes in North Carolina, Hawaii and her Idaho birthplace. Cheryl’s transcendent eye propels her to explore the emotions of place.

As a strong environmental awareness advocate, her canvases are often inspired by nature and resonate with a deftly modulated palette of translucent and opaque colors. Light hues bleed into darks with a sense of expressive, fluid movement and reflect the harmony and tenacity of the natural world. Cheryl’s studios are in Charlotte, NC, and Hanalei, Kauai, HI.

art is a mirror of your experiences
Wescover creator since 2019

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