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Moscow, Russia

"Varya cheltsova ''I started drawing because it was an escape for me, a way to relax and address the things I love, it’s like a meditation. Most of the time the images come to me on their own accord and are determined by the surface I choose for my drawings.'' Sonya Cheltsova “My ideas initially came from family and friends, it’s thanks to them that my interest in ceramics was born. It started with 7 cups for each of my brothers and sisters that would suit their character. Then there was a set of hand-made ceramic backgammon as a gift to my closest friends. ''"
«Cheltsoviii» is a brand with different ceramics objects, which was opened by two sisters, Varya Cheltsova and Sonya Cheltsova. It's based in Moscow. " We love working together and sharing our ideas with each other. We grew up in the Russian Artist Family. We have been Immersed in art life since we were little, it was all around us. We always enjoyed finding creative means of self-expression and indulged in this notion at art schools until Varya found her way into drawing at Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and Sonya immersed in ceramics at KABK art Academy in Hague and GASWORK Ceramics Studio in Brooklyn. Each of us has her own medium of self-Expression and it help us to collaborate and explore within each other's path and method.
Wescover creator since 2020

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