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Chelsea Hopkins-Allan

Albany, Australia

"I am an Australian painter sharing insights into the strange and beautiful details from nature that might otherwise be readily overlooked, particularly in a busy distracted world."
Enlarging what is tiny and simplifying or exaggerating patterns, details, colours and textures using paint, pastels and other materials. My intention is to guide you to more readily experience what I have observed for yourself; igniting curiosity and a sense of wonder, making you feel uplifted and hopefully even increasing your value and appreciation for the natural environment.

Before becoming an artist, I studied and worked as an environmental scientist. Many years of physical illness in her twenties lead me to turn to painting as a tool to create a visual reminders of my fascination and delight for the natural world and share my gratitude for the magical little insights that carried me through the hardest times.

As a result my paintings are also symbolic and intuitive, influenced by my personal relationships and experiences, driven by a belief in the wonder, beauty and inspiration life has to offer in spite of its challenges and harsh realities we ALL face in different forms at times in our lives.


I currently live in Albany, Western Australia and paint in the backyard shed. My two dogs Django and Jazz and my little handraised turquoise parrot Opal keep me company.
Wescover creator since 2020

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