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Copenhagen, Denmark

"Born in the heart of Copenhagen, Cheeky has left small and big footprints of colourful characters all over Denmark.

With the principle of constantly keeping yourself inspired and active in order to maintain an infinite creative source, Cheeky travelled all over the world, from Europe to Mexico, New York and San Francisco, ending up getting lost in Melbourne, Australia.
After spreading the cheekiness at numerous festivals, creative projects and group shows, Melbourne would be the city for the first Cheeky solo exhibition "Cheeky By Nature", September 2012.

Since then Cheeky exhibitions, workshops and live painting has taken place all the way from Cambodia in Southeast Asia to the Arctic, Greenland.

Cheeky's playful spirit is expressed through a clear visual language influenced by intriguing colours and shapes.
From coloring up murals and canvases with vibrant characters, to hand stitching cheeky plush toys and building art installations, Cheeky always manages to add a quirky sense of humour to the artwork spreading smiles and inviting to bring out the playful side in all of us."
Wescover creator since 2017

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