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Paris, France

"Defined by precision elegance and refined linear forms, charlotte Biltgen composes and contrasts curves & colors as the main element of her creative language."
Charlotte Biltgen, interior designer as well as simply designer, collaborated with Sylvain Dubuisson after leaving Camondo School in 1998 before joining India Madhavi’s agency, where she became artistic director in 2009. Firmly embracing the pure tradition of great French interior designers, Charlotte Biltgen designs for each setting, creating an individual decor for each bespoke project without repeating a signature look.
Charlotte Biltgen manipulates the codes of contemporary luxury wonderfully to her own devices. With decor and detail hand in hand, she designs seats and accessories mentally envisaging an atmosphere that is still in the throes of being created, with a slightly obsession for good materials and the perfect finish.
Wescover creator since 2021
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