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Charlie Green - Paintings and Art
Charlie Green
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Charlie Green

Sydney, Australia

Who is Charlie Green? Charlie Green is an anomaly, a diversion from the normal or expected.

We wanted to take a different approach to art and plants so Charlie Green was born.
'Charlie' for the cheeky transparency and 'Green' for life.

Charlie Green Studio is made up of a super team of four cousins who are passionate about design and quality products.

Clementine (The artist), Casey (The designer), Nico & Raf (The husbands). Ha, no really besides offering an enormous amount of encouragement and support Raf takes care of all our IT needs and the printing production. He was also a big part of the laser cutting design process. Nico personally mounts every frame himself for complete quality control as well as taking care of the distribution.

The idea was born from a brown thumb, not everyone has the natural born ability to nurture and grow a garden. We all know plants and greenery breathe life into any space, so over a family dinner our forever hanging garden was born.

In saying all this we did not want to create another print series, so with pressed leaves in mind I took this idea and added Clem, pretty much overnight we have a selection of life like watercolour leaves. Raf came next with the precision, every leaf had to be digitally marked for the fine laser cut, while in the background Nico was busy planning the production, together we are Charlie Green.

Proudly Australian designed and made.