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Charles Sowers - Sculptures and Art
Charles Sowers
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Charles Sowers


“My work presents actual physical phenomena - often of striking visual beauty - that draw people into a careful noticing and interaction. I seek to provoke a sense of delight and wonder and reward extended observation. Sometimes this involves developing an apparatus to recreate and highlight some natural phenomenon observed in the world - the swirl of fog blowing over a hill, the formation of ice on a puddle, or flow of water and foam on the beach as a wave drains away. These things can fascinate yet often go un- noticed until pointed out.

Other times I try to create instrumentation that allows us insight into normally invisible or unnoticed phenomena – a mirror to reveal the color differences in the overhead sky and the horizon sky or wind directional arrows that map out the complex interface of wind and structure.

Occasionally I manufacture phenomena - a series of magnetically interacting pendulums driven by the wind, the unexpected behavior of a loop of string shooting out from between drive rollers, or the play of mechanical butterflies activated by viewers. The behavior of these interactions can be affectively or visually delightful and balance on the fascinating boundary between predictability and un-predictability.”