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Chai Ming Studios

Chicago, IL

Chai Ming Studios was founded in 2011 by visionary designer, Gary Lee
Our values – transcendent design, impeccable craftsmanship, quality service – are manifest in every detail of every piece.
Each piece presents a true collaboration between designer, craftsman and client, with an unwavering devotion to materials, process and artistry. We offer refined, bespoke furniture pieces inspired by the international community, extraordinarily executed by hand using traditional methods. We embrace juxtapositions and the unexpected, celebrating textures and finishes while honoring classic designs.
We intend this collection as a starting point for designers so that we can work together to create design solutions for any project. We are committed to establishing exchanges that further designers’ visions, extending our approach and sharing our experience. We value relationships, whether with a customer or a supplier in our broad network.
We honor the smallest detail and the elegant whole – to us, they are equally essential.
Please join us.
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