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Seattle, WA

Founded in 2006, Chadhaus is an American furniture and design studio rooted in the belief that objects can be locally sourced, handcrafted, and made to last. Located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, our atelier is headed up by husband-and-wife team Chad and Emily Robertson and includes an excellent crew of skilled craftspeople.

From concept to creation, our small-scale operation is the birthplace of thoughtfully designed furniture pieces. We bring a love of good design, fine craft and carefully executed details to each project. At Chadhaus we design and make every object under one roof, allowing us to give each piece of furniture our full attention at each step of the process.

When we design a piece of furniture, we consider how to best create a functional object that showcases the raw beauty of wood and steel. We believe that clean lines and simple forms allow the materials we work with to bring each piece to life with grain, tone, and color.

Chadhaus pieces feature sustainably harvested Pacific Northwest woods and recycled steel manufactured in Seattle. Hand-selecting materials are one of our favorite parts of the process, and we take care to compose each piece of furniture as a three-dimensional art object.

In our shop, we start with a tree, log, or rough slabs and transform those into finished furniture with a combination of traditional and modern building methods. Joining fine woodworking techniques with new technologies, we use a range of tools to craft objects that are classic, durable, and designed to age with grace.

We offer a growing line of furniture and also work with individuals, Architects and Designers, companies and institutions on custom projects.
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