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Karaj, Iran

"design ceramic"
Shohreh Haghighi was born in 1980. Bachelor of Graphic design. Bachelor of Craft and Design (Ceramics). Production license from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization and handicrafts. Member of the pottery and ceramics association. Teaching at the "Sar" Ceramic School since 2018. Holding several workshops on Ceramic Design and Underglaze Design in Tehran and Shiraz. Working on ceramics since 18 years ago. Top Entrepreneur Award winner 2019. Diploma of Honor at the Fajr Festival 2018-19. Making the statue of Fifth Peace Festival. Participation in Traditional Art and Craft Festival at Isfahan museum 2019-Sell products in art galleries in Iran / Australia / Canada / Emirates / Kuwait / Belgium / Turkey / France /Germany.
Ceramics It is arranged with the flower formula at 1040 degrees Celsius, biscuit cooking temperature is 1080 degrees Celsius, the Gold liquid metallic overglaze used in the third cooking stage are 750 degrees Celsius. All dishes are resistant to microwave heat and decorating pieces with gold has 11 percent gold. Ceramic utensils are not very resistant to the thermal shock of the dishwasher. but it can be placed inside a dishwasher and only cracks can be made on the they do not prefer to be placed in the dishwasher.
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