Ceramic Lab by Kinto Japan - Tableware
Ceramic Lab by Kinto Japan
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Ceramic Lab by Kinto Japan

Hikone, Japan

Like a pebble on the beach, it has an organic and pleasant texture of clay. When used, the pieces give warmth and reassurance in your palm. Roughness and delicacy-these are the expressive elements of Ceramic lab. Its production takes place in the traditional pottery village of Hasami in Nagasaki, Japan. Local craftsmen and KINTO's product planning team work hand in hand, employing inherited knowledge and creativity to conceive "new Japanese tableware." The essence of using a creation realized by handcraft is to discover its story. This story gives you the joy of nurturing a special connection to your tableware.

Hasami village has a tradition of ceramic and porcelain production which dates back 400 years. Historically, the village has taken pride in creating tableware for daily use, and this is reflected in the exceptional willingness of local craftsmen not only to preserve traditional skills but also to cater to the needs of users today. This yields humble, modest, and comforting creations. For KINTO, it has been 15 years since our location was set up in Hasami. Residing there are local staffs born and raised in the village, with years of experience in ceramic and porcelain production.