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Catherine Lovegrove Murals

London, United Kingdom

"International mural painter"
I have painted murals in offices, corporate head quarters, shops, churches, gardens, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, hospitals, exhibition stands, clubs and hotels as well as in many private houses and apartments.

My first restaurant commission was for Mike Gottlieb at Smollensky’s on the Strand in 1986. Mike asked Amanda Jeffrey of Cadogan Contemporaries to find him a new mural painter to paint in an Art Deco style: he was opening a vast basement restaurant in The Strand and wanted to make the very large bar look as if it were permanently full. Kate Lovegrove - Mural Artist LondonI painted a long mural in 1930’s style, with people dancing, talking and drinking and, behind the stage, a five piece, life size jazz band… the bar was full from the minute it opened. The restaurant was refurbished in 2006 and the murals can no longer be seen there.

I have painted many murals large and small for private clients. I very much enjoy small commissions, some of these are painted in situ and some on canvas (marouflage) or on board and installed on site. I enjoy painting children’s rooms too.

In the last few years my projects have been as varied as 39 canvasses for the Great Gallery of the RAC Club in Pall Mall, some bees around the entrance to the Bridgeman Library offices, a sky ceiling in a private house, four kilometres of stripes for Bridget Riley on the 10th floor of the QEQM building at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington and annually restoring her other murals in the same hospital.

For larger projects I employ a team of artists, some of whom have been working with me for many years. We are happy to paint on site or in the studio, using the marouflage technique, painting on canvas and applying this canvas in situ. The murals look as though they are painted on site, they can be moved and they are durable. I have moved two very large canvasses: one from the restaurant Tall Orders in Fulham Road, London to a swimming pool, the other a “16th Century” map of the known world from the ceiling of one private house to the wall of another.
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