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Catarina Glam
Catarina Glam

Catarina Glam

Lisbon, Portugal

Catarina Glam (b. 1985) is a Portuguese visual artist, whose main focus is the development of public sculptures and installations.
Graduated in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, she has been dedicated to urban art and character design from an early stage. After an initial journey through the universes of graffiti and papercraft, she found in mural painting and wood sculpture the possibility of increasing the scale of her creations so that they could exist on the street.
The aesthetics of her pieces is a reflection of her interest in both geometry and carpentry, having found in geometric solids the starting point to materialize her three-dimensional characters. As the search for techniques and solutions is a constant of her work, the recycling of materials often assumes an important role in the making of the artworks.
Believing that each piece has its own message, the artist’s current purpose is to spread her sculptures and paintings through various national and international cities and contexts.
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