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Catalina Garreton

Seattle, WA

"Paint it GOLD."
Catalina Garretón is an internationally recognized Chilean-American abstract painter and textile designer. Born in Seattle, painting was always a necessary habit. After earning a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, Catalina focused her artist eye as a photojournalist in Santiago, Chile before landing in colorful San Francisco. There, Catalina continued to paint and had her first studio in the Mission District. She pursued a career in marketing and working under incredible mentors for both start-up and public companies with clients such as Marriott, Nike, Lionsgate Films, Summit Entertainment, and National Geographic. It was during this chapter that Catalina began showing and creating more and more and eventually launched her own venture, Catalina Garreton Art + Design, which took her to teach art and exhibit in Barcelona, Colorado, Los Angeles and now a return to the Pacific Northwest.

Artist Statement:
Born to an interior designer and director of photography, I declared at age 4 that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I learned at a very young age that I could make things with my two hands that brought joy and created a connection to others--and I haven't wanted to stop since that day. I also believe in making bold moves, on and off the canvas. In 2014, I circumnavigated the globe: I taught classes and exhibited in Barcelona, created commission paintings in Singapore, studied batik in Bali, found inspiration from both the aboriginal and contemporary conceptual artists of Australia, and connected with my artist tribe in Chile. This world has so many incredible corners; connecting with people in all walks keeps me inspired every day. I find inspiration and pattern constantly in nature; I also love the structure and patterns found in our urban spaces and my pieces tend to dance with both of these themes. I adore and respect so many places in the world, and the gratitude I have for living each day is at the base of everything I do. My proudest work is creating commissions that help remind people of and take pride in their uniqueness, their sacred memories, and values. I believe we are here for a short time and that it deserves to be celebrated.
Wescover creator since 2020

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