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Cassondra Wyant

Cassondra Wyant


"“My work strives to provide an environment in which to say – embrace yourself and others so we can begin to heal. True strength comes not in the form of walls and protection, but in vulnerability and reflection.”"
Cassondra Wyant is a mixed media artist who enjoys exploring the depths of the human condition and invites her viewers to peer into the human soul. Her works of art tell confessions and contemplation’s of desire, intrigue, sensuality, fear, pain, freedom, and transformation. Her fascination and obsession with the human body are a common theme in her work.
“Cassondra’s work explores the relationship between aesthetics and virtues, as she strives to offer vibrant imagery intertwined with a meaningful message not far behind. The driving theme in her work often comes from life experiences and lessons, as there is much beauty in the adversity she has faced as a person.
“I feel everyone has been through some kind of adversity in their lives that can wear many different masks, but at the end of the day we all experience the same pain – we all share the same emotions.”
The main goal of Cassondra’s work is to provide a window in which others can peer into and connect to another’s emotion. (Essentially walking in another person’s shoes by allowing themselves to enter a new perspective.) Her hope is that people see the beauty in diversity and struggle, and start to bridge the gap between their own pain, and the pain of others.

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