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Cassie Suche - Murals and Wallpaper
Cassie Suche
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Cassie Suche

Calgary, Canada

Highly experimental and untethered to a sole material, Suche’s delicate linear style transcends her medium of choice. Growing up she became fixated by the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of patterns, drawing mandalas on any surface she could find. This fascination, in tandem with a knack for maths, propelled her into the regimented world of surface pattern design. Not one for coloring within the lines, Suche took the skills she developed in the industry and applied them to an art practice that is wholly multidisciplinary. Often using material and processes in ways they were not intended, her work regularly prompts the question “How?”. Suche believes wholeheartedly in artistic innovation, rigorously pursuing the potential of unusual combinations of primitive, artisan, and modern digital techniques. Her work is highly distinguishable for its unique balance of organic and mathematic elements, and materializes in the form of drawing, painting, print, sculpture, installation and mural.

Suche can be found in her studio in Calgary, AB, Canada mixing unknown substances, wrecking drawing tools, and watering but somehow still killing her plants.