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Casey Moore

United Kingdom

"Handmade silver bromide and c-type fine art photography"
Casey Moore is a New Zealand born, UK-based photographer.
He uses traditional, analogue methods to make large handprints in his darkroom in East Sussex, England. Prints on this scale take days to produce and they leave his darkroom carrying with them some of the physicality and alchemy required to produce them.
To sum up why he makes these photographs he love this quote from the surrealist Roger Caillois:
‘Without humanity, there remains aesthetic. It is nature itself that dictates human aesthetics and imagination.’
He’s drawn to the search for a universal aesthetic and it’s this which drives his work.
He is represented by FHE Galleries in New Zealand and Wood Society of the Arts in the UK. His prints are housed in private collections in the UK, NZ, Australia, the US, and Europe.
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