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Sarasota, FL

"Original ethereal abstract paintings that heal the soul..."
Robert and Michelle Casarietti create collaborative Original Abstract Paintings.
The Casarietti’s have been painting together on the same canvas for the last 16 years.
Their works hang in some of the most prestigious homes, resorts and office spaces
nationally and internationally.

Their works are truly a collaboration of thought, style and experiences.

Their paintings are creations of light, dimension, movement and feeling.
Casareitti paintings change all day long with the rising and setting of the sun.
The viewer will experience different colors, dimensions and imagery within each piece.
When viewing the paintings, one needs to stop and spend time.
As you slow down you will experience the simplicity, subtlety and power of the work. By day and by night.

Each piece is created with many, many layers of paint. Rich colors and textures emerge, thoughtful
compositions arise as the painting evolves into being. The works are meant to create a
place of beauty or calm where ever they are placed…for the viewer to take time and simply be.

The Casarietti’s art takes a person to their own inner sanctuary, reminiscent of that special place
Where the fast pace of daily life melts away. The paintings integrate the Visual – form, color, light, and texture
To the dreaming of Space and Place. Each piece is meant to transport the viewer to present moment awareness, creating gateways into their own imaginations.

Robert & Michelle prefer not to describe their own interpretations, rather let the art speak to each individual.
Allowing the person to become a part of the painting concept, arriving at his or her own conclusions,
feeling and interpretations. The idea is have the viewer develop a rapport with the piece
and begin to see different links and correlation’s they relate to personally.

“Embracing and Embraced”

Each piece is imbued with positive energy; made to give visual beauty, create a place for meditation, reflection or a simple moment of peace. We hope you enjoy.

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