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Caryn Koh

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Previously being in the medical field, Caryn Koh has since rediscovered her passion for the arts. She graduated from Dasein Art Academy and was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award in Fine Arts. She is also part of an art collective Titikmerah in Kuala Lumpur.

Her works are deeply personal as her work revolves around her past and subjects dealing with life and death. She reimagines herself during her adolescent years and draws them in various situations based on what she has been through or her thoughts on certain issues. She has also explored different mediums from painting, installation and video art to deliver her message in her work.

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions over the years in Malaysia, Taiwan and in the United Kingdom. She recently had her second solo exhibition titled “Bonds” in Titikmerah Collective, Kuala Lumpur.​ She has also painted murals in different regions of Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Philippines as well as Jogjakarta.
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