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Carolyn O'Neill

Port Pirie, Australia

"My work is a fusion of the mid century modernist aesthetic and abstract expressionism"
Carolyn O’Neill is a painter and mixed media artist currently living in Whyalla, South Australia.

After seeing a mural painted by other parents at her son's kindergarten, Carolyn was inspired to take art classes and learned how to conceive artworks herself.

Stemming from her experience as a psychiatric nurse, Carolyn's paintings frequently explore deeper emotional and spiritual themes; often inspired by the inspiration of music and biblical references.

With each work Carolyn paints, she forms a link between how each object connects to another. The timeless designs of the mid-century modernist aesthetic subconsciously guide her work; not the latest trends.

Her main medium is oil on canvas on which she creates paintings that inspire rest, contemplation and interpretation.

Carolyn considers her paintings to be autobiographical, a visual representation of her inner life. Rather than articulate her work with words, Carolyn prefers her paintings to express the rich layers and aspects of her emotions and life experiences.

Carolyn is also founder of Mod revival, a collection of modern greeting cards and prints produced in Victoria.
Wescover creator since 2019

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