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Caroline Wallner (Tivoli Tile Works) - Plates & Platters and Tableware
Caroline Wallner (Tivoli Tile Works)
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Caroline Wallner (Tivoli Tile Works)

Tivoli, NY

"The painterly quality of Caroline Wallner’s work is one of the signatures of Tivoli Tile Works. Each piece of pottery is hand-thrown, hand-glazed, and hand-painted, some with the woodland creatures that inhabit Caroline’s surroundings—fox, owls, deer. Each piece is uniquely lovely and simply useful. Tivoli Tile Works celebrates everyday experience.

In 1998, artist Caroline Wallner opened Tivoli Tile Works in a storefront in the Hudson Valley town of Tivoli, New York, where she lived for a few years before moving to the west coast of Ireland with her husband and daughters. Now back in the Hudson Valley, Tivoli Tile Works is based in Bearsville, NY, in a rustic studio in the woods."

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