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Carolina Wicker Designs - Interior Design and Renovation
Carolina Wicker Designs
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Carolina Wicker Designs

Los Angeles, CA

Brazilian born interior designer Carolina Wicker brings her client's visions to life through her vast knowledge of aesthetics, space planning, design resources and collaboration with professional contractors, artisans and architects. She continually evaluates fresh, new products and ideas in green building and encourages and promotes the use of sustainable products explaining to her clients' the positive environmental benefits of sustainable products.

She gained her experience working with some of the best set decorators and interior design companies in Los Angeles.

Having worked with high end and celebrity clients, as well as those on very tight budgets, it is her belief that everyone should enjoy great design!
She continues to spread her talent for interior design with a high level of professionalism, strong ethical values, and a creative approach for every project.

Carolina has created a very unique line of dog beds. She will soon be opening a one of a kind pet furniture store in Los Angeles called Saint Roc Pets, stay tuned!

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