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Carmen Argote - Art
Carmen Argote
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Carmen Argote

Los Angeles, CA

“Carmen Argote excavates spaces of memory—situating the subjectivities of home and family within the tangible bounds of the built environment and the invisible lines of country, region, and city. Originally from Mexico, Argote explores her own immigrant identity and upbringing in Los Angeles through a diverse practice that encompasses mixed-media, sculpture, performance, photography, and installation. Her process often includes prolonged exposure to her spatial subjects. In the artist’s words, “Inhabiting a space allows me to connect to the site through use, allowing time for me to develop and accumulate daily rituals that help me understand the place through habit.” In Argote’s recent work, a house in Guadalajara owned by her family provides a venue for the unraveling and consideration of her cultural inheritance.

Carmen Argote (b. 1981 Mexico) received her MFA in 2007 from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she also received her BFA in 2004. Argote’s work has recently been the subject of solo exhibitions at Adjunct Positions Gallery, Los Angeles (2015); MAK Center, Los Angeles (2015); Human Resources, Los Angeles (2014); and Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles (2013).”