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Carlyn Ray Designs

Dallas, TX

"Custom Installations"
From the moment I saw molten glass I was captivated. To me, blowing glass is an art form from beginning to end. The material itself is a mystery. Molten sand, at the temperature of lava, formed with ones breath, hand, and gravity into a crystal delicate form.

I first saw glass being blown as a young girl and was immediately drawn in! I am choosing a path which involves creating work for specific sites and spaces. I desire to create work which emits creative energy beyond the outline of the piece. In knowing the nature of the environment for which the piece is being created, I am better able to conceptualize a piece.

I really enjoy making custom pieces. I love working with the colors, reflections, and light; a space can be completely transformed by this molten material!
Wescover creator since 2019

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