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Carlos Ramirez - Paintings and Art
Carlos Ramirez
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Carlos Ramirez

Santa Fe, NM

"Carlos Ramirez’s joyous, deep paintings invite us to connect with him at a level beyond words. His large-scale abstractions are serene and yet buoyant, tethered yet open, intuitive yet structured—closing the gap between the dualities that exist in both life and painting.
Painting is for him a life-changing endeavor that he both loves and must do and a part of his daily life. When not traveling to show the collections of his fashion house, Liancarlo, he spends evenings in his studio painting.

He brings to his artwork what he has brought for many years to his collections of couture gowns—a sense of timelessness and elegance. Cut from the same cloth, his paintings begin with his distinct lines developed for years in thousands of sketches for fabrics, embroideries, and clothing."