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Carissa Tanton

Conwy, United Kingdom

"Minimal Line Drawings Inspired by Nature, Simplicity and Tea"
I believe our homes should be sanctuaries that reflect who we are & I hope my work can inspire you to celebrate the little things such as the ritual of making a cup of tea or your daily walk in the woods.

After graduating in Psychology and English Literature back in 2011 I moved to Paris on a whim to be an au pair. It’s here that I fell madly in love with art and specifically drawing.

Two and a half years later I moved back home to North Wales with a very heavy suitcase and a slight addiction to croissants and french wine.

I then joined her recently-retired dad to study art and design at the local college. After that year full of experimentation he went on to study an undergraduate degree in art and I opened up a little Etsy shop in January 2017.

As a seeker of simplicity my style developed into just the use of pen and paper, and I’m mostly known for my black and white fine line drawings.
Wescover creator since 2021

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