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Candid Owl

Worcester, United Kingdom

"Luxury Handmade Lampshades & Statement Lighting"
Welcome! My name is Candice, the face and mind behind Candid Owl (and some wordplay with my forename and my favourite bird!).

I love home decor that stands out, something that really catches the eye and, from the spare bedroom of my old house, I set out to create a nursery for my daughter. What I really struggled to find was some lovely lampshades to put in the room, so I made them and that is where Candid Owl was born.
Having received many compliments for them, with everyone asking where I bought them from, I setup my own online shop and picked out fabrics that I loved.

Since then, Candid Owl has grown into a little more than a spare bedroom hobby and I now offer a wide range of styles that hopefully anyone can pick out a favourite from!

If you're looking for something a little more standout, you may have found the place.
Wescover creator since 2020

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