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Candace Primack Art

Portland, OR

“Having studied art history and church history for many years, I am drawn to
antiquity, loving that which is ancient and worn with layers that evoke a bit of
nostalgia and mystery. In my paintings, I build up many layers, sometimes as
many as fifteen.  Working intuitively, I add and subtract these layers throughout
the painting process so that at least a hint of the earlier history is revealed.  The
scratching, mark-making and symbols create a bit of a raw and organic effect,
while at the same time pulling the viewer into a place of quiet reflection.  The
large, vibrant, hand-mixed color fields are meant to give the eyes a pleasant
place to rest.
No matter the painting, I strive to work from a place of gratitude, longing, and
inner peace, feeling always that painting is not just a choice, but rather my
Candace Primack has shown widely throughout the United States and her work
appears in many private collections in the USA and abroad.
Wescover creator since 2018

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