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Camille Selhorst

Healdsburg, CA

"Allowing inner beauty to blossom"
Just as a flower gently unfolds its petals, so too can we allow our inner beauty to awaken and blossom. My whole existence is about inspiring this inner beauty to blossom. As a little girl, I would walk barefoot through fields of mustard flowers, fingertips brushing through petals. For me, blossoming has always come from resting in the sensory moments of life – a silk scarf against a cheek, sun-kissed flowers, warm water. Flowers, especially, draw us into our inherent beauty, inspiring us to gently unfurl. With their unapologetic radiance, they grant unspoken permission to open and shine. I can't possibly count the number of times I have leaned in close to a rose along my morning walk and buried my face in its lush scent. There is a luxuriousness to it which pulls me in over and over again and delights me to no end. I strive to imbue my paintings with this same unfolding softness as a constant reminder of how powerful our beauty is when we allow it to unfold.
Wescover creator since 2019

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