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Camille Alberni aka Dege - Street Murals and Murals
Camille Alberni aka Dege
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Camille Alberni aka Dege

Marseille, France

Camille Alberni, aka Dege, is a graffiti artist from Puy-en-Velay (aiguilhe), passionate about art and more particularly about bomb painting from an early age ... Entrepreneur plasterer-painter and decorator by profession, the young man also one of the brightest graffiti artists in the department and beyond. Certainly, they are few in the territory, but this one has a phenomenal talent, what you tap your "ass on the floor" a good twenty minutes ... Before you realize that you would take a little piece of wall painted by his care in your living room!

Member of the crew VEC (Come in Slideshow, Living in Community) present throughout the hexagon, Dege is a self-taught graffiti artist ... His first painting he made it at the Causan stadium, a Sunday afternoon in the rain "very motivating for a first, since that day his passion for spray painting has never left him. Between exhibitions in gallery and graf 'between friends, for him, each fresco is a story full of memories ...

During his adolescence, the young man is often on the mop, in the street in Le Puy or elsewhere, it is in this urban setting that he finds his inspiration. With only luggage the desire to learn and the possibility of making beautiful encounters, the young artist ponot trace his way through France and Europe:

"Going to see other places allows you to compete with yourself, but also to learn from other artists in the area" Dege

More than a passion, graffiti is for Dege a way of life in which artists, alternative sports and other enthusiasts of an urban culture particularly dynamic despite its discretion. He feels like a fish in the water, and his approach to the graffiti 'already earns him some recognition among the practitioners ... Realize as much detail as possible per square meter, this is his ultimate "kif", pushing his own limits at each fresco, with the objective to go even further:

"It's mental endurance, you start a painting, but you never know when you're going to finish it, nothing more demotivating, but not enough to stop me. Dege

Solicited for various types of projects: deco scenes, clips, bedrooms, lounges, painting is for him an opportunity to express his ideals, his convictions or the emotion of the moment "It's my way of living ...".

"Put color in everyday life at a time when the mood is often gloomy ... The interest is to paint for yourself, and share your passion with passersby. Dege