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Buse Kanlikilic Art

Dublin, Ireland

Buse Kanlikilic is a Turkish artist, who has been active as a mural artist, painter and tattoo artist. She studied Master in Fine Art Painting at the National College of Art and Design In Dublin, Ireland, graduating in 2017.
Her meticulous artwork embodies motives and details originated by the patterns in nature, folk art, and craftsmanship. She is inspired by the sacred geometry in nature which is a visualization and metaphor of the connectedness of all life, the interface between abstraction and physical reality, universal connectedness that can implicitly hold the message of unity and equality.
Buse takes in consideration the place where her work will be present and likes to create a connection with the environment, neighborhood and the values of the space.
Her work has been commissioned by Facebook headquarter in Dublin for several times and by other co-working spaces located in Dublin. She is also passionate about being involved in cultural events, street art festivals, art exhibitions, and charities.
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