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Brown Davis Architecture, Interiors, Landscape and Furniture Design

Miami Beach, FL

"Comfort is the Greatest Luxury"
Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Furniture Design
Todd Davis and Rob Brown joined their shared passion for classic architecture, discerning environments, and extraordinary craftsmanship to create Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. in 1994.
Brown Davis has designed two residences for President and Secretary of State Clinton, The British Embassy residence and an array of exceptional projects involving modern architectural design and historic renovations. Brown Davis is based at the iconic 1111 Lincoln Road complex on Miami Beach, Florida. The saturated hues, tropical landscape and design mecca of Miami have influenced a bold aesthetic that resists conformity. It is instead a uniquely American perspective, fusing the traditional roots of classicism, with an international, modern, sensual vitality.
Brown Davis offers architecture, interior, landscape, furniture and home goods design. All elements are designed in unison with a strong attention to local building codes and construction details. Their projects have no geographic boundries.
Creative and bespoke architecture is the foundation of each project whether it’s modern, transitional or traditional. The Brown Davis architectural team trains their exacting eye on the technical and design challenges of each project to ensure proper proportions, details, materials and an efficient build process.
Rob Brown, a gifted designer and colorist, creates custom palettes that harmonize and balance transitions among eclectic furnishings. Comfort is an indispensable priority. Texture, light and pattern are orchestrated for enduring warmth and harmony. Working closely with master artisans, Brown Davis designs bespoke furnishings, perfectly scaled for size and function.
“Brown Davis Exclusively for Keith Fritz Fine Furniture” offers Brown Davis furnishings in showrooms throughout the United States. The line is made in America. Of specific note is the original and novel use of colored woods as well as the bold and unique designs.
Both partners have MBAs contributing to their refined project management, and fiscal responsibility. Coupled with design intelligence, Brown Davis has earned their most cherished honor: Trust.
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