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Brooke Borcherding Fine Arts

Seattle, WA

"Contemporary Impressionism with a focus on deconstructing landscapes in a broken color style."
Brooke is a full time award winning artist, working out of Wallingford Seattle. Her paintings- either created indoor or on site- focus on innovation, aesthetics, place and perception. With a background in plein air (on site) landscape painting, she has gained an intuitive affinity for color and dynamic composition and developed an analytical way of breaking up a scene into blocks of color her audience can enjoy getting lost in.
Brooke began painting in high school and earned a BFA in painting from the University of Oregon in 2010. However, she considers herself a self-taught landscape painter, as she practiced from nature with a prolific output and has not attended any workshops. By a ravenous practice of observation and looking at a lot of art, she has been able to develop her own unique style that is not quite categorizable. People have described Brooke's paintings as the modern take on pointillism, comparable to cubism and Cezanne, or a hand made version of blown up computer pixels.
Over the past 8 years as an exhibiting artist Brooke has most recently been awarded a prestigious prize for best oil/acrylic painting at the 2018 Carmel Plein Air Competition. She is nationally and internationally collected and shows at galleries along the West Coast - Washington, California and Oregon.
When Brooke is not making art you can find her at one of Seattle’s many niche locations competing at pinball tournaments.
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