Brian Watson - Sculptures and Art
Brian Watson

Brian Watson

Bremerton, WA

Precise, beautiful letter-carving is very important to me. Here I am carving tiny details on a passage from Corinthians. I am a sculptor and letter-carver, working from my home-based studio in Bremerton, WA. I have been working in wood since 1999, when I began carving inscriptions on simple wood blocks. Since then, my work has consistently evolved and my artistic vision has deepened. I am in demand for commissions that require beautiful carved letters, from small gifts to large installations. I also create vessel forms, taking large hunks of wood and making them into delicate, organic forms. And labyrinths...have I mentioned labyrinths? I create some of the most beautiful finger labyrinths available, in many designs and from many woods, all right here, one at a time.
I use salvaged and reclaimed wood from the Pacific Northwest, particularly Big Leaf Western Maple, Cherry, Apple, Oak, Elm, and Walnut. Much of my wood is from trees that have fallen down in storms.
I have a BFA (1992) in studio art from Pacific Lutheran University and an MAT (1995) from the University of Puget Sound. One of the things about being an artist that I love is that it requires me to constantly study and learn, not just in "art" fields, but in all fields. As such, I am a heavy-user of the public library, which I think is one of the greatest ideas humanity has come up with. (Unashamed Public Service Announcement: Support your library and joyfully pay taxes to support it!)
I recently was interviewed by a friend and fellow artist Katie Phares for LightSpring Press, in which I talk about the sources for my artwork, and why I make it.

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