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Brian Keith Stephens


"Brian Keith Stephens' paintings show both the direct energy of the artist’s hand while revealing the story of the artist’s heart."
How to capture the past, present and future at the same time; this is an essence of my work as an artist and as a father, son, friend, lover, husband. As we navigate our daily lives, we must face thoughts, anxieties, joys and emotions from all three of these tenses, and often at the same time. My painting explores the emotions that guide us, that pull us and push us and ultimately define who we are, in relation to others and to ourselves.
I do this primarily through mystical imagery juxtaposed with figurative technique. I am using oil paints to create this mystical alter-reality where the human is the animal and the animal is the human.
At the center of my art practice and life are these fascinations with myth, the spectrum of human passion, our kinship to the spirit of the wild animal, and challenge of balancing the real with the fanciful. We must balance all of this while also navigating the spectrum of time, the web of past, present and future. My art has been and continues to be my outlet for exploring these themes and conjuring up new ones.
Wescover creator since 2020

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