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Brett Matarazzo - Murals and Art
Brett Matarazzo
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Brett Matarazzo

Denver, CO

"Raised and schooled in Colorado, Brett has spent the last 15 years developing a style for fine art and design that is uniquely vintage, environmentally conscious and inspired, but with modern, and functional soul.

Traditionally schooled in Colorado at the University of Denver with a BFA in Design, Brett’s work evolved from a love of photography as an abstract, clean and functional design, his strong environmental belief in repurposing the old into something new and useful, and the contrast of the natural medium of wood as canvas. A designer by trade, Brett has been evolving his mixed-media style consisting of design, photography, paint, and digital heat transfer on wood for over ten years.

His work range from vintage reclaimed original wood furniture, art as fashion, and non-traditional and dimensional wall hanging art. His art is truly defined as Vintage-Original."