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Brandy Ebonie

Brandy Ebonie

Manchester, NH

I have been working with clay since I was in high school and completed my Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2018. My work encompasses a wide variety of forms to accommodate my everyday needs and creative wonderings. Each cup, plate, rattle, lantern must inspire joy. A sense of ease. I feel it is important to keep and collect the most necessary, most practical items I need for my life. Functional ware that will last and tell a story. Decorative ware that warms and livens the atmosphere around me. With stoneware and porcelain, I seek to create pieces for myself and others, things with which we find whimsy, nostalgia, and contentment.

I am also growing a passion for veganism and sustainable living. Say yes to supporting small business and local artistry, say no to mass degradation of indigenous lands and systemic poisoning of our water and food!

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