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Brand van Egmond - Chandeliers and Lighting
Brand van Egmond
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Brand van Egmond

Naarden, Netherlands

“These fantastic modern chandeliers and lights have added an stunning new dimension to world of chandeliers. Each light is a piece of art in its own right. William Brand and Annet van Egmond worked as independent product designers until in 1989 they founded BRAND VAN EGMOND with the sole intention to create art without restraints. Their handcrafted lighting sculptures radiate passion and emotion and leave a long lasting impression. The fundamental ingredient of all their concepts is their craftsmanship and knowledge of handmade, artisanal production and they still lead their creative studios and workshops today. They obtained international fame more than 20 years ago with their first lighting sculpture, a special Chandelier that became an instant icon. Since then Brand van Egmond has become an international trendsetter in creating innovative, independent lighting designs.”

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