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Brad Spencer

Reidsville, NC

"From Ornamental to Monumental"
My earliest professional work was focused on bronze figurative sculpture; some commissioned but primarily pieces for gallery shows. In 1989, I began experimenting with sculpture in the brick medium. This medium allows me to use my experience in painting, drawing and sculpture. My interest now lies in public art and its potential impact on a community. I believe that the most successful public art reaches everyone on some level. It has the potential to engage and even unite people through a common understanding and experience. Public art can educate, celebrate heritage, encourage dialogue and help us define our community.

Brick sculpture can be dated back to ancient Babylon but remains a fresh and interesting enhancement to any building, wall or environment. Projects may include bas (low) relief, high relief, full dimension free-standing and often a combination. The brick medium has all the same characteristics of durability and low maintenance as a brick building, blends well in settings where other brick construction is present, looks good with landscaping and has a familiarity which is comforting to people. Brick sculpture adds intrigue and interest to a commonly understood material as viewers try to figure out the techniques by which it was created.
Wescover creator since 2020

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