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Bozik Art

Kazan, Russia

"Only Positive Art!"
I'm artist and street writer from Russia.
All I do - with love. Only positive art.
Sacral geometry and puantilism, dot-painting, aboriginal techniques. Also love make stylish prints, roll-ups, and more.

I have the creative, soulful approach to any project. My works are a part of me and all around me.

No artist better than nature, so all I can it’s to add some colors to enhance the beauty of the world. We live in a concrete jungle, and I am glad to be able to break the grayness of concrete boxes, street walls, buildings. I have a lot of paint on the street, I prefer big, bright work. I prefer the positive themes. And I’m happy if you appreciated it and you like what I do. And if you do not like — I’m happy too!

The basis of my art is an ancient aboriginal dot painting technique. It has been around for thousands of years. It is simple and very beautiful. I found a use for it in the paintings and graffiti.

I do painting of any type and complexity, on walls, canvases and whether you want. I also like to make lettering, fonts, calligraphy. I am developing logos, illustrations, prints on clothes and other artworks.
Wescover creator since 2019

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