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Moscow, Russia

"Artist Alter realist"
(1956 - )
Boussignac is  a french painter, post modern (alter realist) artist, born in 1956.
This artist is going his own way,refusing to follow the mainstream or fashion in art. 
Never "in " , he is never "out" .
He just wants  to keep on the great tradition of french painting ,just adding a modern tendance, an actual  state of mind .
Once, a friend of him said "Boussignac ,you are a painter for bordello !!".
Not going that far, Boussignac wants mostly to be understood by the majority of the public. Knowing that a man from Bali or from South America could be touched by
his work, is more important from him  than to touch a  parisian art critic !! 
Though his intention is to be deep and matter of emotions or reflexions ,he wants to be clear and simple ..
Boussignac considers each of his paintings like a novel , a poem or a 
shortcut, independants  one from another. Each painting is a little story ,a little  world in itself and first of
all elements of stories, given to the spectator to create his own version of the painting .
Boussignac doesn't want to impose but to propose pieces of imagination to the ones  who watch ...
That gives an impression of chaotic work ,with no coherance but the coherance is the work in itself like a film director has a coherence in his work ,even his work is made of  totally  different subjects of films .
His work is based on  Art history, the memory, religions and mythologies, the worl of chilhood, humor, erotism, game of words  etc..
The  fields  of investigation for  Boussignac are  endless , that why his  work will never be repetitive and will be surprising until the end
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