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Bonnie M. Hinz - Sculptures and Art
Bonnie M. Hinz
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Bonnie M. Hinz


“Bonnie Hinz, a Minnesota artist, is known nationally for her glass and metal wall installations and sculptures. Bonnie is fascinated with the way dissimilar materials work in harmony with one another. The fragile, organic nature of glass is a counterpoint to the industrial, durable strength of metal. Both materials are formed by heat and fire, but the resulting elements are vastly different. She combines the two into seamlessly integrated art.

As a former interior designer, she has a natural affinity with color. Her designs swirl with layers of bright and arresting colors.
Her inspiration comes from diverse organic shapes--from leaves, flowers and pods to the gracefully curving lines of grasses, roots and trees.

With her unique combination of glass and metal art, Bonnie has created art installations for medical buildings, hotels, offices, and many other public settings, as well as private homes, all around the United States.”