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Beirut, Lebanon

"Every piece tells a thousand stories."
Bokja is the regional word for bundle, or the piece of fabric that is
used to wrap the dowry of a bride. A familial tradition, a typical bokja
always bears the treatment of hand-embroidery f rom different female
members of the family. Thus, every one is beautifully unique.
Since year 2000, the Bokja lifestyle brand has been a pioneer in
reviving regional textile practices, redefining them in a contemporary
voice. Bokja is dedicated to creating expertly constructed designs
that both inspire the end user and support their valued
community of makers.
True to the brand’s commitment to resourcefulness, multiculturalism
and age-old craftsmanship, each piece is produced with minimum
waste by skilled artisans at Bokja’s Beirut atelier. These men
and women’s knowledge of traditional techniques applied to
contemporary collages creates one-of-a-kind, bold pieces.
Every piece tells a thousand stories.

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