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Bobby MaGee Lopez

Bobby MaGee Lopez

Denver, CO

Bobby MaGee Lopez was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the son of a Vietnam veteran and a free-spirited Hotel Manager. His mother and father's work moved them from New Mexico, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina before settling in Florida. Each home was situated on the National Cemetery grounds where Bobby would play as a child. At eight years old his parents divorced which required Bobby to begin splitting time between Florida and Colorado, setting the precedent for a life of travel.

His passion for art began at an early age, drawing with his father and sewing with his mother. Bobby MaGee, named after the Janis Joplin hit, had his first drawing classes with a local artist where he learned form and discipline. He was then enrolled into the Bemis Art School at age ten where he learned to work with several mediums, organize successful visual compositions, and practiced calligraphy. Showing a continued affinity for drawing, at fourteen he took lessons to learn how to draw realistically. He continued to draw and practice his calligraphy throughout high school, using his skills to start a custom design business.

Upon graduation, he enrolled at the Art Institute of Colorado to study Graphic Design. He received his Associates Degree and finished his studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver. During this period, he shifted his focus to painting and spatial media, working with renowned artist and professor Carlos Fresquez. Here Bobby learned to paint murals, work with contemporary materials and build installations.

In the same month he graduated from university, Bobby MaGee Lopez opened Innerspace Art Gallery in the River North (RiNo) Art District of Denver, CO. He ran a successful contemporary art gallery for two years, having exhibitions nearly every month. In 2014 Bobby began splitting his time between his studio in Denver, CO and Maui, Hawaii, pursuing his passion for simple and sustainable living. He has recently completed a seven-month tour, executing several new art projects in Colorado and California, and having a solo art show.

Lopez specializes in mural painting, integrating elements of esoteric knowledge, existentialism, and spirituality in the form of pattern and figure. Emphasis is placed on representing natural vibrations with timeless and contemporary arrangements. Many examples of his art can be found around Denver, as well as California and Hawaii in the form of monumental murals, gallery shows, and live painting performances.

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