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Bob Barron

Bob Barron

Southampton, United Kingdom

If my work is about anything, I think much of it may be an attempt to express vague musings about the passage of time made corporeal through certain images, surfaces and textures.

Some of my work is made from waste card that I collect from local outlets. I like the idea of recycling material which has been discarded and thrown out as refuse and turning it into art.

I also like the idea of working with slate because of the age and nature of the material. I am interested in the journey from the seabed to the quarry, from the quarry to the rooftop, and from the rooftop to the artwork.

A work may remain abstract and include simple geometric shapes especially the circle representing a perfect entity or, sometimes, I may collage into the piece a printed image such as a Graeco-Roman fragment; depict suns, moons and constellations; reference natural common or garden objects; use evidence of human traces such as a hand or footprint - all aspects of the depth of human life and experience.'

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