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Blueprint Lighting NYC
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Blueprint Lighting NYC

New York, NY

Blueprint Lighting is the best choice for custom lighting because we are the only company that creates handcrafted lighting without obscene lead times.

We’ve worked with designers, decorators, architects and DIY home decor mavens for years. At least once a week, someone approaches us to see if we can accommodate a rush order. And you know what? Our answer was always “yes”. That’s pretty powerful stuff when lead times in custom decor can range from 8-24 weeks! We’re no dummies--we realize there is value in being able to produce a quality, boutique product without making our clients wait for months and months. Blueprint Lighting is committed to making high quality, handmade lighting at a palatable price. We’re Luminary Revolutionists, if you will.

It’s not rocket science. We’re not Artists--we are Makers. We don’t have a flowery backstory involving art school and years spent apprenticing in Paris (*sigh*). We fabricate our basic, raw components in advance and keep stock in our warehouse. When you place your order, we spring into action creating the finished product.

Et voilà! Let there be light!