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blueoculus - Utensils and Tableware
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I founded blueoculus in 2008 after years of being away from design, professionally. As I got further on in life and career, I realized that happiness was about the pursuit of one’s passions and living a life that resonates from within. This awareness made me address an innate desire to create, aligning work with genuine beliefs and interests, and blueoculus came about.

The name ‘blueoculus’ comes from the round opening on top of the Pantheon, an ancient structure in Rome. As part of my studies in architecture, I spent a semester in Rome and made many visits to the Pantheon. It was magical. When it rained, a soft drizzle fell inside. On sunny afternoons, light would beam into the dark, expansive, domed space. I’ll always remember the transcendent experience of looking at a promising blue sky through the oculus on my first visit.

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