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Buenos Aires, Argentina

BLINK YOGA is committed to making the practice of yoga more accessible. It is not always possible to attend a yoga studio and we had made it our mission to bring the sacred space closer to our community. Either at home, work or community spaces, our customers are able to use the props anywhere as they don't take much space. 

BLINK YOGA offers the opportunity to stretch, relax, and meditate DURING a stressful day. Even just a 15 minute practice can make a difference, allowing you to replenish your energy and reduce the stress. Once you experience these benefits, you will seek to incorporate yoga in every aspect of you life, by practicing at home, work, or by simply breathing more mindfully. 

BLINK YOGA is composed by an interdisciplinary team, which designs, develops, and produces props that will facilitate yoga practice. We are certain that this practice is extremely important and effective on everyone, no matter the age or physical condition. 

YOGA BLINK props presents a unique quality and solidity in the region. Ergonomic design meticulously cared and elegant. First line raw materials. 100%  Eco and recyclable.
Wescover creator since 2020

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