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Blatt Billiards Corp. - Tables and Furniture
Blatt Billiards Corp.
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Blatt Billiards Corp.

New York, NY

In 1923, when New York City had more than 2,000 pool hall parlors, Blatt Billiards began crafting pool cues and billiard balls by hand, establishing the foundation of the company that is now known throughout the world as the finest manufacturer of handcrafted custom billiard tables.

Blatt Billiards is a rare find for someone looking for old-world craftsmanship in a modern, fast-paced, computer driven world. Using a combination of new and old equipment, some tools made by hand specifically for a particular task, Blatt Billiard’s craftsmen create works of art that are never duplicated.

Blatt Billiards has the finest collection of antique, custom and contemporary pool tables in the world.