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birdhouse design

Shanghai, China

birdhouse is a boutique interiors and architectural design consultation studio, based in Shanghai.

Founded by Shelley Mock in 2016, our experience covers hospitality, residential, and specialised typologies. Each project begins with a (usually very enjoyable) period of getting to know the client, their style and lifestyle, as understanding their personality is crucial to providing the best design solution for them.

We know that a good design takes into account all senses – sight, sound, smell, temperature and touch. These are all treated with a great deal of care during the design phase, resulting in not only a space that looks beautiful, but is comfortable to be in and energy efficient.

We find inspiration in historic Shanghai architecture, in the traditional methods of construction and detailing, and incorporate these ideals into a contemporary setting. Materiality plays an important role, as expressing a natural colour or texture is a fundamental philosophy of birdhouse.

As a small team we regularly seek to collaborate with other designers and related fields, increasing our capacity for larger scale projects when required.
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